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Good job

If you want a good salary - in the right field of occupation

If you have qualifications and skills that you do not currently use and you are interested in working with in a certain field of occupation for a higher salary, then we can help you.


We work according to the principle "no cure no pay". We only want satisfied customers therefore we do not require any payment before you have obtained the final result, a contract with an employer.

Our mission is to be:

The most efficient, caring and innovative job intermediary in Denmark, for both Danes and


Are you ready to invest in your own future?

• Get a better job

• Obtain a better salary

• Get the right kind of job


Then ReKon can help you. We charge a fixed monthly payment from your monthly salary for up to two years of your employment.


If this sounds like what you have been looking for, then give us a call on Tel. +45. 29401864. We will then set up a telephone/meeting with you, concerning your specific wishes, prerequisites, and opportunities. You can read more in the contract form - about our services and what to expect from our cooperation.


ReKon provides customised service tailored to the individual. This can include:

What ReKon’s services include - based on specific needs, before you acquire the job:

• Evaluate your opportunities for a job with in the Danish labor market

• CV optimization

• LinkedIn

• Training in job interviews and personal appearance

• Find the right employers

• Obtaining one or several job interviews

•Employment contract

• Permanent residence and employment contract (The fee to the Ministry you have to pay separately)


When you are employed you can access the following services as needed:

• Guidance on social security

• Information regarding the Danish labor market and unwritten rules in the Danish workplace

• Information about the Danish culture

• Networking possibilities and contacts to integrated foreign/or Danish families

• Quarterly networking meetings with others in the same situation


You can invest in extra services like:

Housing, Danish languish courses, establishing a good start for the whole family.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.


Yours sincerely

Jasna Lendvaj

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